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    Mandatory Insurance

Workmen Injury Compensation Policy

Every employer is required by law to maintain adequate Work Injury Compensation (WIC) insurance for: 

All employees doing manual work, regardless of salary level; and All employees doing non-manual work and earning $1,600 or less a month. This is applicable to both local and foreign employees. Failure to do so is an offence punishable by a maximum fine of $10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months. If you did not maintain adequate insurance (e.g. you have 10 manual workers but bought insurance for only 8 of them), you would have committed an offence. For other employees doing non-manual work with monthly earning of above $1,600, employers have the flexibility to decide whether to buy insurance for them. In the event of a valid claim, the employer will be required to pay the compensation even if he does not have insurance coverage for this group of employees.

Changes related to WIC insurance [NEW]

1. Work-related exclusion clauses disallowed Work-related exclusion clauses, except pertaining to asbestos, will be prohibited for the purpose of WIC insurance. Insurers will be liable to make payment of the compensation even if work-related exclusions exist in the policy. Insurers will continue to be able to seek recovery contractually from the employer if such recovery is included in the insurance policy.  2. Employer’s insurer liable to pay when there are multiple insurance policies

When there are multiple WIC insurance policies in place (e.g. main contractor’s project insurance and sub-contractor’s annual policy), the employer’s insurance policy is the default policy used to satisfy a claim. This helps ensure timely receipt of compensation by the injured employee. A third party’s insurance policy can be allowed to pay the compensation if they convey in writing to MOM its intent to pay compensation on behalf of the employer’s insurer, before the notice of assessment is issued.

Forign Workers Medical Insurance

As an employer, you are required to provide at least $15000 of hospitalisation benefits for all Work-Permit and S-Pass workers. 

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