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    Property Insurance

Property is usually the biggest invested assets for most people and organisations. Needless to say that insuring them at a fraction of the cost your property is the wisest thing to do besides having a good location, location and location strategy for your precious asset.

FISH will source the best suited insurance policy to protect your asset, whether it is for your own stay or tenanted out as an investment. Either ways, you are faced with risk of FIRE, Theft, Third Party Liability and a mortgage to pay.

Property includes the following:

  • Residential and Investment Real Property
  • Factory, Office and Warehouse
  • Arts and Curious
  • Wine Collection
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques
  • Precious metals 

Call us and share your concern with us, we will help you to protect your assets. We can be reached at 62930556 / 97597593 or simply email us to find out more.